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Data for B2B businesses - boost your sales
Web scraping to get information about prices & reviews for B2B lead generation.
We will help you to create a dataset for B2B sales leads.
Reputation & Feedback Monitoring
Collecting information about customer feedback and reactions to products, you can track customer loyalty to your company, as well as scope out his location for further positioning.
Data for Machine Learning
Get a ready-made specific dataset for training your system.
We will find and extract only the most relevant and real-life data: pictures & text data, statistics & geodata, reviews & references.
Marketing Analysis & Research
Monitor the situation on the market.
The right market analysis gives you a deeper understanding of the preferences of your audience. We scrape social media open data, SERP (Google/Bing/ Yahoo SERP).
Unique Content
Extracting data from niche sources, analyzing
and supplementing the information, create your own news feed, fill projects with suitable materials to attract the target audience.
We take over the routine work
Describe your task and we will send you a customized sample. insights

B2B lead generation
Web scraping is a tool that can ease the process of B2B lead generation, increase the quality of the b2b leads and, as a result, enable regular revenues.
Market Research
Collect data for market research – to track competitor prices, reviews, and implement brand reputation monitoring.
Database for ML
The technology of machine learning as a part of artificial intelligence is developing drastically. Our web scraper allows gathering information for your AI.
Crawling Tools & Recipes
We provide tools for developers to scrape information from different web sources.
Let's keep your data in good trim.

Web scraping data formats

We provide data in any format at your request
.txt .doc .csv .xls .json .html .pdf & ...
Just tell us what you need to scrape
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